3 Teams Revealed for League! Looking for Analyst and Diamond Support

Wed 1st Jun 2016 - 7:28pm : eSports

After the Brult trials, what arose from the ashes was not only a new team but a Brult army.

At this moment, we'd like to announce 3 teams that are on the rise representing the Brult community.  We're announcing the team names here and will announce players once scrims and practices are held over a 2 -3 week period.  

The teams are:

Brult Eclipse - A Brult League of Legends team that will vie for NACS and transition between Hawaii and the mainland

Brult Black Out - A Brult League of Legends team that will represent Brult in local tournaments and alternatively fill between its sister team Brult Eclipse.

Brult Academy - An up-and-coming League of Lgends team that will be groomed to be the next generation both in leadership, team play, play style and champion development.

With these 3 teams, we're looking for the support of strong analyst and a Diamond support player.  We hope that with the 3 teams it will help to represent Hawaii at all levels and not only that, help groom the next generation of eSports athletes in the state.

Mahalo to Cafe.gg for helping us host our tryouts and we look forward to practicing there! 

Check back here in a month or two as we reveal the players and their roles.  

To apply as an analyst visit here: http://bit.ly/BrultAnalystApp

To apply as a diamond support click here: http://bit.ly/diamondsupport




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