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Mon 24th Aug 2015 - 8:40am : Gaming

The Grand Tournament is launching tomorrow morning at aproximately 8am Hawaii Standard time, and there are some absolutely insane cards in the set. This is a brief list of the 10 I'm most looking forward to playing with. 

Decks: Mech Mage /Aggro Paladin/Aggro Shaman/Tempo Priest/Mech Druid

With a sturdy 3/4 body for 3 mana, Eydis Darkbane is a contender for a slot in several decks. If you’re able to buff her with cheap spells, you’re able to disrupt your enemy’s board with a Spider Tank+Flamewaker+Knife Juggler on steroids. When you consider her turn 4 with a Power Word: Shield she’s an absolute monster, but she’s great in the other decks too. Spare Parts from mages, Blessings from Paladins, Marks from druids, etc. I expect to see a lot of Eydis Darkbane. 

Decks: Control Priest, Ramp Druid, Control Paladin

He's a mini-Nefarian with the added bonus of only giving Paladin cards. Paladin cards in general are very powerful, Aldor Peacekeeper, Muster for Battle, Coghammer, Consecration, Lay on Hands, Equality, Truesilver Champion, and of course the new Tuskarr Jouster. There's only a few good 6 drops in the game, and I think this guy makes the cut. Sure there's going to be times where you get something awful like a Cobalt Guardian, but the chances of you getting something good outweigh that. As for his stat allocation, I like to think of him as an Azure Drake, the drake has 1 less cost and 1 less in each stat, but they both draw you a card, and Grand Crusader draws you a card outside of your deck. He doesn't have +spell power, but he does get you a Paladin card in particular, which is better than drawing a random card. 


Decks: Dragon Paladin, Dragon Control Warrior, Dragon Priest, Dragon Lock

Hearthstone isn't a game with many good 7 drops, there's basically only Dr Boom and sometimes Baron Geddon. Chillmaw however fills your 7 drop slot, and although he isn't a value monster like Boom, he has the benefit of being BGH immune and holding the taunt power. 6/6 Taunt for 7 is already a decent card, but when you include his Battlecry it's insane. 3 damage to all minions is huge in the current meta, which is why Hellfire is considered such a monsterous removal spell. It clears Patrons and Quartermastered recruits! 

Decks: Face/Aggro/Zoo

Once upon a time there was a card called Scarlet Crusader, maybe you've never seen her before since she's so far gone from the meta, but she is a 3/1 Divine Shield for 3. I like to think of Argent Horserider Wolfrider+Scarlet Crusader. He does less damage initially, but he is sticky and isn't getting hero power cleared next turn so his potential damage is higher. There's also the ability to trade with him and keep a body on the board, something that Wolfrider lacks.  Back to the inital story, once upon a time Scarlet Crusader was incredibly popular, one of the first contenders after the game launched was Divine Zoo which ran her, Argent Squires, and Blood Knights. Personally I can't wait to play around with him, and see if that archtype could be viable again. 


Decks: Dragon Paladin, Dragon Control Warrior, Dragon Priest, Dragon Lock

Twilight Guardian is great! He's a 3/6 Taunt for 4 mana! See ya later Tazdingo! He's either a healthier Tazdingo or a cheaper Fen Creeper. He's a viable replacement for Twilight Drakes in any of the dragon decks, and probably a must have in the control oriented dragon decks, he's just too good. A common situation wit Sen'jin Shieldmasta is he trades with a Piloted Shredder, and then gets hero powered - You don't have to worry about that with Twilight Guardian! 6 HP is so strong, that's a huge reason why cards like Druid of the Claw and Water Elemental are so annoying.

Decks: All sorts of Rogue decks!

I can't wait for this card! Everyone knows Thoughtsteal was basically the best card in the vanilla set. It let you draw two cards outside of your decks, that's amazing! Now rogue also has that ability, but with the added bonus of being able play it for free with Preperation! Priest would also occasionally get useless cards, like Shield Slam or Deadly Poison, rogue minimizes this issue because you have access to weapons, but also you may use the Shield Slam to activate a combo. Also unlike Thoughtsteal it doesn't have to be a card in your opponents deck, and it can't be a neutral minion. He already used his Antonidas? Doesn't matter! The dream awaits! 


Decks: Token Druid/Ramp Druid

This card is pretty underappreciated by the community thus far, but I think it's amazing. It's versatile effect allows you to either have a Holy SMite/Arcane Shot or summon two Wisps for 1 mana. Both of these effects are relevant against control, midrange, and especially aggro. Mid game Druid also suffers from having an awkward curve with ramping, there are often times where you have spare mana and can't do anything with it because your cards are too costly; so the potential mana weaving effect of this card is helpful in a small way. Additionally this can give you a little more reach on your combo, how many times has someone escaped lethal by having 16 health instead of 14?


Decks: Every Shaman deck, probably

Tuskarr Totemic doesn't have the worst body in the world for 3 mana, and he packs an insane effect. He summons a totem on entry to the board, so at worst thats 2 mana in stats being added to your board on top of 3/2 for 3. But wait! There's more! Tuskarr Totemic may also summon Flametongue Totem, Mana Tide Totem, and Vitality Totem for even more value. Just make sure to play him on the left of your board! The dream however is to have him summon Totem Golem... So a potential 6/6 in stats for 3 in the best case 1 out of 7 scenario. Insanity!


Decks: Ramp Druid

Wild Growth, the minion. A better reading of this minions effect might be "Gain a Coin each turn," because that's effectivly what she does. It dies to a lot of removal, like Fiery Win Axe, Frostbolt, Rockbiter, Wrath, etc; but if you think about it, so does Mechwarper. If the minion lives a turn, even if they kill it afterwards you got value out of it on that one turn. At worst it absorbed a removal spell for you.  


Decks: Tempo Mage/Freeze Mage

Rhonin is Tirion Fordring, but if Tirion gave you Avenging Wrath instead of Ashbringer. He lacks taunt, and is a BGH target, but his deathrattle gives him a revenge mechanic against the pesky BGH. It adds 9 random damage to your hand, which can be used as an activator for your Archmage Antonidas, Flamewaker, Malygos, etc. He's a threat on the board, and it's awkward to deal with him, because of his similarity to Tirion. You need to kill him so he doesn't whack you, but you can't kill him or his weapon will whack you. Late game I expect to see this guy zeroing out a lot of health bars. 



Ryosuke Taguchi

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