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Tue 25th Aug 2015 - 9:26am : Gaming

Team Brult is actively recruiting. We are always looking to expand and bring in exciting, passionate and hard working people on board. If you're an unsigned and unsponsored competitive esport player or team, and think you have what it takes to compete against the best of the best, you can find all of our current openings here. At the moment, our efforts are focused mostly on MOBA teams for games such as DOTA2, LOL, and HOTS, as well as individual players for games like Hearthstone, StarCraft, and SMASH BROS - but we are also open to other games and are interested in picking up a CS:GO team. We're holding open tryouts for the following games:

  • League of Legends
  • Hearthstone
  • Super Smash Bros
  • Heroes of the Storm
  • Counter Strike: Global Offensive
  • StarCarft 2
  • DotA 2

Team Brult wishes to provide the experience and business support that most players in eSports wouldn’t receive otherwise.  Team Brult hopes to help organize team schedules, find players that are committed to eSports and wish to truly break through the eSports barrier when it comes to competitive play.

Live tryouts will be held at on:

August 29, 2015 from 12pm - 5pm

September 19, 2015 from 5pm - 10pm

October 17, 2015 from 5pm - 10pm is located at:

2700 S. King St. Building A

Honolulu, HI 96826

If you feel that you have what it takes, fill out the form below:

online form.





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