Brult Giveaways for the Month of September – Let Us See You Brult!

Tue 25th Aug 2015 - 10:00am : Gaming

We want to see you Brult? 

What is Brult?

Brult (brüllt) is both a Dutch & German word which means "to roar," or "cry out." 

Week 1: Submit a photo of your battle cry.  Put on your game face eSports fans and take a selfie of your battle cry. Best one will be highlighted on our site and will get a $25 giftcard from ANYWHERE!

Week 2:  We want to hear you Brult!  Stream or take a video of your Brult “cry” and go with it.  Submit your “Brult” and person with the best roar, we will with a $25 gift certificate of your choice.

Week 3: Capture that incredible play!  Upload a video to YouTube with that once-in-a-lifetime play and show it here, the best play wins!

Week 4: Tell us what eSports means to you.  We want to know what Hawaii thinks about competitive gaming and what the future holds for eSports in the state of Hawaii. Team Brult's goal is to raise the level of competitive play and challenge players to be at their best.  However, what’s your motivation?  What are you passionate about when it comes to eSports?  Tell us. The best response will get $25 and major swag! Brult style!




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